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Sometimes our teeth can’t handle the unnatural pressure we put on them. Oftentimes, this results in an enamel crack, and the crack can be big or small. In fact, sometimes the crack is so small that it can’t be properly identified. This is called cracked tooth syndrome.

Because the crack can’t be diagnosed with a dental X-ray or dental exam from your dentist, it’s very hard to treat. However, your dentist, Dr. Gary K. Walden, knows exactly what to do in a situation like this. Your dentist can treat cracked tooth syndrome with a dental bonding treatment, a dental crown restoration, or a root canal treatment. The treatment will depend on the severity of the crack as well as the placement of the crack.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause cracked tooth syndrome in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Some of those things are:

-Grinding your teeth during the day and at night while you sleep

-Having a misaligned bite

-Having a large filling that is tough on the tooth

-Having a root canal treatment

-Using your teeth as tools, like to open a package or rip off a tag

Some complications of cracked tooth syndrome include the risk of having a bigger and more dangerous crack as well as developing an infection in the gums. So, if you think your tooth is cracked, it’s best to call Family Dental Care at 270.282.0909 and schedule an appointment. Our dental team is more than happy to help you!