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Food particles, residual sugar and bacteria in your mouth can cause plaque buildup. Plaque that is not cleaned from the teeth can harden into tartar. Tartar buildup at the gum line continually exposes the gums to the constant presence of harmful bacteria. This bacterial exposure starts as mild gingivitis and can easily escalate into dangerous periodontitis.

Periodontitis can cause your gums to bleed easily and eventually causes your gums to recede from the teeth. This creates pockets in the gums that can harbor serious infection which will damage the roots of your teeth. In time it can cause a loss of material in the bones that anchor your teeth.

Regular brushing and flossing can help remove food particles and plaque before they develop into tartar. Unfortunately, once tartar forms it can only be removed by the training and tools available to you at your regular dental checkup. This makes it especially important for you to attend your twice annual dental checkup and cleaning

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