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Did you know that the foods we eat are the primary cause of tooth damage? Foods can strip away tooth enamel, create cavities, cause infections, promote dangerous diseases, chip and crack your teeth, cause your teeth to loosen, and cause a variety of other harmful side-effects to your smiles. Protect your teeth by avoiding these foods:

– Acidic Foods: Highly acidic foods should always be eaten with meals or avoided altogether. Saliva can neutralize the acids, so be sure to eat acidic foods with other meals, or use saliva-producing products after consumption. Acidic foods include most candies and citrus fruits.
– Sour Candy: Sour candy has some of the highest acidity in any type of food available, and is nearly as acidic as battery acid.
– Sugars: Within your mouth, sugars are broken down by harmful bacteria and converted in acids used to chew through tooth enamel.
– Hard/Tough Foods: Products like hard candy, popcorn kernels, and tough steaks can easily chip or crack your teeth.
– Chewy/Sticky Foods: If a food has a tendency to stick to the roof of your mouth, it may increase your risk for plaque buildup and tooth decay.

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