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Did you know that breastfed babies do not need to be weaned during periods of teething? In fact, breastfed babies are at a much lower risk for a multitude of oral health risks and conditions, including infections.

One of the most dangerous risks that can befall a child is an infection. However, breastfeeding has been proven to fight oral infections and diseases, including baby bottle tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay arises when your child is subjected to high amounts of sugar at a young age. Although there is sugar in breastmilk, it is at a much lower rate than other standard drinks, including juices and sugar water.

Furthermore, breastfed babies are more likely to have straighter teeth. Although orthodontic alignments may one day be needed, your child’s risk for various ailments with the positioning of their teeth is much lower if they are breastfed. Malocclusions and bad bites, including open bites, cross-bites, and overbites, can be greatly reduced for children who are breastfed.

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