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A root canal is a common dental treatment used to remove the pulp of a tooth from its root. In some situations, laser dentistry can be used to prepare and clean a tooth for the root canal. Root canals are needed because the failure to remove a damaged pulp from a tooth can cause infections to arise.

Root canals salvage teeth with damaged pulps by removing the pulp. Because the pulp is the life source of a tooth, if it is harmed, the connective tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels connected within often suffer damage as well. Oftentimes, if a damaged pulp is left untreated, it can become infected and destroy more than just the tooth it’s responsible for.

To seal a tooth with a root canal, the space must be cleaned, sanitized, and cared for to ensure that bacteria is not present. After the tooth has been cleaned, it is sealed to ensure the tooth can continue to function properly for future use. Without root canals, teeth with damaged pulps often need to be immediately extracted.

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