In some cases, serious decay or severe trauma to a tooth may lead to an infection in the inner tissues of the tooth. These tissues, blood vessels, and nerves are known as the dental pulp and are located in the center of the tooth. When this sensitive area becomes damaged or infected, it often causes intense tooth pain and extreme tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. You may also notice swelling and tenderness in the gums and a darkening of the tooth, as well as a persistent pimple on the gum tissues. If the infection is allowed to progress untreated, the tooth may die and need to be extracted (removed). In order to prevent this and to restore the health of your smile, our dentists may recommend a root canal in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected, diseased tissues from the tooth. Once we have removed all signs of infection, the tooth is filled with a medicated material. Drs. Brenda, Gary, and Andy Walden then cover the tooth with a restoration, such as a crown, to restore the tooth’s structure and shape. This process usually requires only one or two visits to Family Dental Care. For more information about root canal therapy and how we can improve your oral health, we welcome you to contact our office today. We look forward to caring for your smile!