Oral Health Care Procedures: Breastfeeding

Did you know that breastfed babies do not need to be weaned during periods of teething? In fact, breastfed babies are at a much lower risk for a multitude of oral health risks and conditions, including infections. One of the most dangerous risks that can befall a child is an infection. However, breastfeeding has been… Read more »

General Information about Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is a common dental treatment used to remove the pulp of a tooth from its root. In some situations, laser dentistry can be used to prepare and clean a tooth for the root canal. Root canals are needed because the failure to remove a damaged pulp from a tooth can cause infections… Read more »

Principles Concerning Dentures

No matter your age, the danger of oral accidents or injuries is always present. Because the last of your permanent teeth grow in when we are only teens, the risks for permanent tooth loss follow us for many decades. However, permanent tooth loss does not mean you are left with gaping holes in your mouth… Read more »

Dos and Don’ts for Pristine Oral Health

If you’d like to sustain a great smile and pristine oral health, then you’ll also want to take excellent care of your pearly whites as well as your gums. Here are some dos and don’ts you may want to look at to step up your game: DO: –Floss daily: Flossing is vital for your oral… Read more »

The Excitement of a Better Smile Awaits with Tooth Extractions

Are you in need of a tooth extraction? A tooth extraction is a procedure of surgically removing a tooth due to a variety of causes or ailments, many of which are due to poor oral health and the desire to keep your smile as functional as possible. However, an extraction means a period of recovery… Read more »

Are You Looking to Replace a Missing or Lost Tooth?

Are you looking to replace a missing or lost tooth? If so, consider the benefits that an effective tooth replacement treatment can provide. Three highly successful tooth replacement therapies include dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Although they are all used to replace missing teeth, each has their own benefits to improve your smile and… Read more »

Test Your Knowledge of Teeth Whitening

Do you want to make your smile a little brighter? You’re not the only one; teeth whitening is a very popular practice. Before you invest in over-the-counter whitening toothpaste or whitening strips, however, you may want to be aware of all your choices. This quiz can help you check your facts: 1. What is usually… Read more »

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Chances are you may be a very good candidate for implants. At we have produced some beautiful smiles with implants. Very few medical conditions can prevent the installation of an implant. Age normally is not a factor in deciding whether to have an implant or not. People with thinning bone (osteoporosis), a common problem found… Read more »

A Dental Fracture Might Require Treatment with a Crown

Dental fractures are often the unfortunate result of an accident or a bad habit, like nibbling on foreign objects or improvising your teeth as tools. When this happens, the damaged tooth enamel could eventually start to trap bacterial residue, encouraging a dangerous area of tooth decay to form in an already compromised tooth. Sometimes, the… Read more »

Have You Ever Used Chewing Gum to Keep Your Mouth Clean?

Have you ever used chewing gum to keep your mouth clean? According to multiple studies that have been done, chewing sugarless gum for roughly 20 minutes after eating can help protect your tooth enamel. The reason is due to a rise in saliva production, which can wash away plaque buildup, neutralize harmful acids, and prevent… Read more »